Once you’ve completed your initial setup, you’ll want to know some basic navigation and searching features.

Coaching Tools gives you several ways to narrow down and search for your desired information. These controls are found on most every tab in Coaching Tools.
Use to filter, display desired info, and search

  • Search field — Press / on your keyboard to instantly jump to this field, or click in it. As you type, the list will reduce to match what you’ve typed thus far.
  • Customize Filters — Lists all the fields by which you can narrow down your list. Select a field on the left to filter by, then select/deselect or enter the values on the right. You can select multiple fields and values. Click Done when finished.
    Customize Filters
  • Customize Columns — Lets you choose which fields to view on the screen and in which order. Click Done when finished.
    Customize Columns
    • Click Add on an Available Column to include it in the columns you see.
    • Click Remove on a Selected (visible) Column to remove it from the columns you see.
    • Drag and drop items in Selected Columns to display the columns in the order you want.
    • Column headers — Click a column header to sort the data by that column in ascending order, indicated by the up arrow to its right. Click it again to sort in descending order, indicated by the down arrow to its right.
  • Saved Views— This powerful feature lets you save or instantly restore a view. The current view in use is displayed to the left of these buttons.
    • Once you have the filters, columns and sort order you like, click Saved Views, give it a name in the right-hand field and click Save View.
    • From then on you can click Saved Views and click the name of a view to restore it.
      Saved Views
    • Click Make Default by a view if you want that view to be the default when you return to the tab you’re in.

Editing and Action Buttons

Once you’ve used the above tools to find the items you want, use the following to take action on them.

  • Click an item in a list to edit it.
  • Select one or more items (check the boxes to their left), then click a yellow action button above them and select an action from the dropdown menu to be applied to all the selected items. For example, clicking Edit > Edit Practice will open all the selected practices for editing.

Now with all the basics out of the way, we’ll cover how to schedule practices.