Running your workout in SwimOffice Coaching Tools is limited to taking attendance, described below. Presumably, most coaches don’t use a laptop or desktop computer on deck when running practice. This is why we designed the OnDeck mobile app to take attendance on a smartphone or tablet.

Take Attendance

We foresee coaches using this after the fact, again because they won’t be using a PC during practice. Although you can use this to enter attendance taken manually on paper, we encourage you to take attendance in OnDeck to save time and increase accuracy.

Regardless of where you do it, this is the most important part of running a practice. When you take attendance and assign swimmers to workouts for each practice, this allows you to save data for everyone over time to later report on.

  1. Click the Practice tab.
  2. If you have the Day or List view selected, click the attendance icon to the right of the desired practice. Or select the desired practice(s) and click Edit > Take Attendance.
    Click Take Attendance button
  3. If you have the Week or Month view selected, click in a practice slot but not on the practice name, then click Take Attendance.
    Click in the slot but NOT on the name
  4. If you edit the practice by clicking its name, click the take attendance icon, above the Workouts section.
    Click Take Attendance button inside workout
  5. You can directly set the Lane, Workout (when there is more than one) and Attendance State by editing those for each swimmer.
  6. You can select one or more swimmers, then click Edit and select the following to apply to the selected swimmers.
    Select Members, then click Edit
    1. Take Attendance — Lets you set the attendance state: In, Out, Excused, ¼, ½, ¾. Use the latter three when they are late to give them partial credit for the distance swam.
    2. Assign Lane — Only needed when there is a Test Set in a workout so you can time them.
    3. Assign Workout — Useful when you have, say, a distance workout and sprint workout.
    4. Add Notes — Lets you add private notes that you and the selected swimmers can read. Click the notes icon to read after adding.
    5. Remove Notes — Remove notes you added.
    6. Remove Swimmer(s) — For removing guest swimmers you added.
  7. To communicate with any of the swimmers in the practice,
    1. Select one or more swimmers.
    2. Click Communicate and select either Send New Email or Send New SMS.
    3. Compose your message and click Send.
  8. To add a guest swimmer to the practice, such as one making up for another missed practice, search for the desired swimmer on the right, and then either double click a swimmer or select one or more swimmers and click Add Selected.
    Double click swimmer to add
    1. The green SWIMMERS tab on the right hides/shows the Add Swimmer column.
  9. Click Save when finished.

Timing a test set can only be done in OnDeck Coaching Tools.

Let’s now take a look at reports in Coaching Tools.