Coaching Tools lets you store unlimited videos. Yes, unlimited! We encourage you to record lots of videos of your swimmers at practices and meets to review together to help them improve. This tab lets you view all the videos recorded in the OnDeck mobile app, and import and view video recorded in other devices and apps.

Upload Video

If you have recorded video in another app, such as Coach’s Eye or Hudl, on the same device that has OnDeck installed, import that video within OnDeck on that device. If you have imported video into this computer, such as from camcorders and cameras, follow these steps.

  1. Click Upload.
  2. If you can see the video files you want to import, simply drag and drop them onto the Videos Upload area.
  3. Otherwise, click + Add Videos… and double click the video files you want. Supported file types are listed in the box.
  4. Change/add any needed information. If you are uploading multiple videos, they will all be selected and information you change/add will be applied to all the videos. You can select just one video and edit its information individually. You can also edit video properties later.
    Fill in video properties
    1. Upload to — If you select Swim meet or Practice, you can choose which one to attach it to.
    2. Event — If you select Swim meet, you can select which event.
    3. Stroke — Choose one if the video(s) demonstrate a particular stroke.
    4. VisibilityTeam lets everyone see the video (this is the default), Coaches lets only Coaching Tools admins see them, and Swimmers lets only coaches and the tagged swimmers in the next field see them.
    5. Share to TeamFeed? - If you select this option you can post this video right to the team feed with the option to edit the content of the post.
    6. Swimmers — Click Choose to select the swimmer(s) recorded in the video(s).
    7. Notes — Add any notes you want swimmers to read.
  5. Click Upload. Make sure to let all files finish uploading before navigating elsewhere in the site.

Swimmers that are tagged in a video will receive an email and a push notification (if they have the OnDeck app) encouraging them to log in and check it out.

View Videos

Coaching Tools has several ways to find and watch the videos you want. In the upper right, you have your usual Customize Filters (to filter by date range and strokes), Saved Views and Search box. In addition, there are several category subtabs.

  • Recent — Shows the most recent 10 videos uploaded.
  • My Videos — Those videos recorded/uploaded by you.
  • General — Default category for videos. All videos appear here, even those categorized by swim meet and practice.
  • Swimmer — Videos where one or more swimmers were tagged. Click a swimmer’s name to expand and see their videos.
  • Swim Meet — Videos attached to a swim meet from SwimOffice.
  • Practice — Videos attached to a Coaching Tools practice.

Click a video to play it.

Select one or more videos, then click Edit or Delete.

Select video(s), then click Edit or Delete

This can only be done on the Recent, My Videos and General subtabs. By "Edit," we mean edit the video attributes—name, category, etc. Editing the actual content of a video can only be done in OnDeck Coaching Tools or a video editing program prior to importing into Coaching Tools.


Congratulations on completing this TU University Lesson on Coaching Tools! If you have any questions, please click Need Help? on the right side of your team's website.