These instructions give the basics of how to get up and running fast in TeamUnify Coaching Tools. Click the articles for more detailed instructions and video tutorials.

Create a Practice Calendar

Coaching Tools Web Practice Calendar

Before you begin writing workouts, you need to schedule your practices, which simply specify when you will meet.

  1. In SwimOffice, click Coaching Tools > Practice Calendar, then click Create Practice in the upper right.
  2. Fill in the required fields, including which roster.
  3. Click the Repeats checkbox, then select what days this roster meets.
  4. Save and repeat for other rosters.

Write a Workout

Coaching Tools Write a Workout

After scheduling your practices, build a workout inside a practice.

  1. Click the Practice tab, then click a practice.
  2. Click Create New Workout.
  3. Fill in the various fields.
  4. Click New Set, then name and tag it.
  5. Click New Swim, then fill in the reps, distance, time, name and the other fields, then press Enter to save.
  6. Click Single Rest or Multi Rests to add rests between sets.
  7. Keep adding new swims until your set is complete, then Save.
  8. Once you’ve built a library of sets, you can drag and drop from the Set Library on the right.
  9. Repeat adding new sets until your workout is complete, then Save.

Note: While building a set, click Test Set to designate as such and record later.

Take Attendance

Coaching Tools Take Attendance

Grab your mobile device and take attendance for a practice in OnDeck to build data for performance reports.

  1. Tap > Coaching Tools > Practice Calendar.
  2. Tap a practice that happens today.
  3. Tap TAKE (phone) or TAKE ATTENDANCE(tablet).
  4. Tap the IN/OUT checkmark repeatedly to select the attendance state for each swimmer, or select multiple swimmers and tap ATTENDANCE, then select a state for them all.
  5. If there are multiple workouts in this practice, select the swimmers in the same workout, tap ASSIGN W/O, select the workout they're in, Done.
  6. If you are running a test set, assign swimmers to lanes either one at a time in the LANE column, or select the swimmers in the same lane and tap ASSIGN LANE at the bottom, enter the lane number, Done.
  7. Tap DONE in the upper right to save attendance.

Time a Test Set

Coaching Tools Time a Test Set

If you added a Test Set into one or more workouts of your practice, have taken attendance and assigned lanes, now let’s time the test set.

  1. As you scroll down the workout with a test set, tap TIME (phone) or TIME TEST SET (tablet).
  2. You can long press names to rearrange their starting order and/or move swimmers to another lane.
  3. Tap START to start timing the test set.
  4. When the timer hits a send off interval, the next swimmer’s names in line briefly turn green indicating it’s their turn to go.
  5. If a swimmer passes another swimmer in the same lane, tap the by their name.
  6. Tap SKIP if a swimmer misses their take off time or can’t finish a leg.
  7. Tap FINISH SWIM in a lane when the current swimmer finishes a lap.
  8. On the last lap the buttons will disappear and it will say COMPLETE at the top. Tap VIEW RESULT to see times and averages for all swimmers.

Note: If multiple coaches will be timing a test set, each will tap the a lane headers they won’t be timing. Once timing is finished, all times will be combined.

Record and Share Video

Coaching Tools Video Producer

On your mobile device, record, edit, tag and share unlimited video with your coaches, team and swimmers.

  1. Tap > Coaching Tools > Video Producer.
  2. Pick a category to record to, then choose a swimmer, swim meet or practice if you picked those categories.
  3. Tap the red record button and record your video, then tap again to stop.
  4. Tap SAVE in the upper right.
  5. If you want to trim or add slow-mo to the footage,
    1. Tap the thumbnail at the top.
    2. Drag the arrows on the right and left of the video timeline to change where the video starts and ends. Tap Play to switch back to Move mode.
    3. Drag the lower bars to specify a slow motion portion. Use the SLOMO SPEED options in the lower right to vary the speed.
    4. Tap TRIM in the upper right, then tap BACK.
  6. Set tags, add swimmers and adjust visibility if desired.
  7. Tap SAVE to work on it later, or UPLOAD the video to the cloud.
  8. After uploading, your team can view their videos in OnDeck or SwimOffice.

Want more detailed instructions? Read how to get started in Coaching Tools.