The day of a practice, you will first take attendance for everyone, then actually run the practice. If any of the workouts in a practice have a test set, you can time all your swimmers and record their times with ease, which we cover in the next lesson.

Take Attendance

This is the most important part of running a practice. When you take attendance and assign swimmers to workouts and lanes for each practice, this allows you to save data for everyone over time to later report on.

  1. Go to the PRACTICE MANAGEMENT (tablet) or PRACTICE (phone) screen if you are not already there ( > Workout & Practice > Practice Management), then tap TODAY if needed.
  2. To set attendance preferences, tap the gear in the upper right.
    Attendance Settings
    • Tap IN by Swimmer Default to change it to OUT. You can tap it again to set it back to IN.
    • Note that Attendance display defaults to Percent, which shows the percentage of swimmers in. Select Count if you'd rather see the actual number of swimmers present.
  3. Tap a practice you created that happens today.
    Tap practice to take attendance

    Tip: If you can't see any practices on your calendar, it's it's likely you have one or more filters active.

  4. If the practice has no workouts, tap ADD WORKOUT and add one or more workouts.
  5. Tap TAKE ATTENDANCE. Note this option only shows if you are on a practice for today.
    Take Attendance button in OnDeck

    Tip: If your swimmers don't show when taking attendance, it's likely you need to assign them to a roster and/or location.

  6. Under the STATE column, tap the  IN repeatedly by a kid’s name to see the different attendance states you can select (for example, 1/2 will give a swimmer credit for half of the distance in the workout). Or select one or more swimmers (check the boxes by their names), tap ATTENDANCE at the bottom, select a desired state for them all at once, Done.
    Select swimmers and tap Attendance
  7. If there are multiple workouts in this practice, assign the swimmers to their proper workout. This is critical for reporting. Check the names of those in the same workout, tap ASSIGN W/O at the bottom, select the workout they're in, Done. Or on an tablet, under the WORKOUT column you can tap the Workout name by those swimmers who are in a different workout than the first one.
    List of workouts to assign
  8. If you are running a test set, assign kids to lanes either one at a time in the LANE column, or check the boxes by kids in the same lane and tap ASSIGN LANE at the bottom, enter the lane number, Done.
    Assign lanes in workouts
  9. Note when selecting multiple swimmers, you can also MESSAGE them, add practice NOTES, or REMOVE them.
  10. You can add guest swimmers from other groups, such as for a make up practice.
    1. Tap the green swimmer icon to the right of SWIMMERS.
      Add guest swimmers button
    2. Select the swimmer(s), and tap ADD SELECTED.
      List of guest swimmers to add
    3. If a swimmer is making up another practice, make sure to edit that prior practice in Reports > Attendance and change their attendance state to EXCUSED so they don't get penalized. See Attendance Reports.
  11. Tap DONE in the upper right. This will return you to the PRACTICE DETAIL screen. Coaching Tools now has all the data it needs for reports, except for test sets.

Whiteboard Mode

Although it is not necessary to run the practice, if you tap RUN in the green bar at the bottom, the workout will display in a clean whiteboard layout, and you can use the lower arrows to cycle through the workouts in the practice. Tap in the lower right to exit this view. You may also time a test set from here if any are in the workout.
Tap RUN for whiteboard mode Tap X in lower right to exitYou can run multiple workouts in a practice. To view the other workouts in the practice use the arrows in the big gray bar to switch between them.
If you do not have a test set to run, tap < in the upper left to exit the practice. Do NOT tap CANCEL, as this will cancel the practice.

You can print workouts and sets in Web Coaching Tools.

  1. In the side menu click Coaching Tools > Workouts.
  2. Below the Workouts tab, either stay on WORKOUTS or click SETS.
  3. Check the boxes by multiple workouts/sets and click Actions > Print Detail View or Print Whiteboard View, then select your print options and click Print.
    Select workouts/sets, click Actions > Print
  4. Alternatively, you can preview them first by clicking Actions > Workout Preview or Sets Preview.
  5. Leave it on Detail View or click WhiteBoard depending on how you want to print it.
    Print Workout, Detail View, Whiteboard buttons in Coaching Tools Web
  6. Click Print Workout or Print Set.
  7. Note you can also click Send Workout to email the workout to swimmers.
  8. If you opened multiple workouts or sets, use the PREV/NEXT buttons to cycle through and print each.
  9. Click CLOSE X to exit.


Next we cover how to add a ScrapBook to a practice.