Practice ScrapBook is developed to engage and capture the swimming experience of the novice swimmer. It is a customizable and visual way for coaches to capture a daily workout with pictures, videos, notes, and more. Imagine the ability to just take a picture of the workout on your white board, snap a few videos of starts, then quickly add a practice note, all within your TU workout. The perfect way to capture and share your swimmers' hard work.


  1. If needed, add a practice and save it.
  2. Tap a practice to open it.
  3. Tap the SCRAPBOOK tab.
    ScrapBook tab
  4. Tap the  in the lower right and select your desired scrapbook item to add. Add as many as you like throughout the workout.
    ScrapBook items to add
    • STICKER — In addition to the default Fun stickers, tap any category at the bottom to select from different sticker sets.
    • VOICE NOTE — A quick way to speak encouragement and direction for your swimmers.
    • TEXT NOTE — Brief notes of practice highlights, etc. Tap the painter's palette at the top to change the background color.
      Text note palette to change background color
    • PHOTO — Take a photo on the spot or choose one or more in your photo library.
    • VIDEO — Take a quick video on the spot or choose from one or more in your video library.
    • WORKOUT — Add an actual Coaching Tools workout if desired for data tracking and progress.
    •   to cancel adding an item.
  5. Long press and drag items to rearrange them.
  6. Settings:
    • Tap the  in the upper right to choose if you want the WORKOUTS or SCRAPBOOK tab to appear first when viewing a practice, then tap DONE.
      ScrapBook settings
    • Tap the  on the SCRAPBOOK tab to switch to a one column view. Tap again to switch back to a two column view.
      Tap to switch between one and two column views
  7. Tap an item to view full size, where you can then swipe through all the items or delete them with the trash can in the upper right.
  8. The  on the SCRAPBOOK tab indicates unsaved changes. Tap PUBLISH CHANGES to save them. You may add more items later and publish again.
    Publish Changes to save
  9. Tap SHARE at the bottom to share it with selected roster groups and locations via Email and/or the TeamFeed in OnDeck and SwimOffice. Enter a Message if desired, then tap Share. Note: This ScrapBook will not show in the TeamFeed until you do this.
    Share ScrapBook
    1. Sharing defaults to tagging the roster and location designated in the practice. Tap  by either to broaden the groups/locations tagged.


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