If you added a Test Set into one or more workouts of your practice you are required to take attendance and assign lanes to each swimmer before a Test Set can be timed. Test sets are identified by being tinted red. Then you will prepare and time it.

Prepare the Test Set

As you go through your practice in the standard or whiteboard view (see previous lesson on running a practice), tap TIME TEST SET (tablet) or TIME (phone) once you reach it.

Practice with test set

Tip: If you want to try out timing a test set, make sure to schedule the test set in today's practice, because this button only appears in practices scheduled in today’s date. You will not see it in past practices, nor future practices until “today” reaches them.

If you missed adding a swimmer to a lane while taking attendance, a warning will appear, asking for you to add the missed swimmers. Tap OK and ADD SWIMMERS buttons will appear at the bottom of each lane. Tap that button in a lane, then tap on a swimmer's name to add the swimmer into the lane you’ve chosen. Repeat this effort for the same or different lane until all extra swimmers have been added.

Assign swimmers to lanes

You may rotate a tablet to landscape orientation to view more lanes at once.

Test Set preparation

  1. Tap VIEW SET to see the set(s) that make up this test set. Tap Close to exit.
  2. You can change the send-off interval between swimmers. Tap the  by + 5 Back, enter a new value, Done.
    Swim Interval dialog
  3. Tap  in the upper right to change the passing mode. Make your selection, CONFIRM.
    Coaching Tools Passing Mode dialog
    1. Starting Order is the default. If a swimmer passes another, in the next leg of the swim they will resume their original starting order.
    2. With Finishing Order, if a swimmer passes another, in the next leg of the swim they will continue in that order.
  4. Tap HEART RATESif you want to track this for your swimmers.
    1. Only swimmers in your selected lanes will show (see #7 below).
    2. Tap -- for a swimmer in the RATE START column, enter the heartbeats per minute, Done. Repeat for each swimmer.
      Heart Rate entry
    3. Tap outside of the onscreen keypad if you don’t want to enter heart rates for all.
    4. Tap DONE in the upper right to return to the TIME TEST SET screen.
  5. Tap to START timing (covered in the next section).
  6. Tap ADD LANE to spread swimmers around to reduce the number of swimmers per lane while timing the Test Set. Enter the next lane number you want, Done.
  7. Long press and drag a lane header to rearrange. Tap  to renumber a lane (must not already exist). Tap  to deselect and make available for another coach to time. That other coach will need to deselect the lanes you will time as well. If there are more lanes than will fit on the screen, you can swipe left and right to see them. However, we recommend only timing as many lanes as will fit on your screen.
  8. Swimmers appear in the lanes you assigned them to in taking attendance. Long press names to rearrange their starting order and/or move swimmers to another lane.

Time the Test Set

A phone will display two lanes to time, and a tablet will display up to three lanes (portrait) or four lanes (rotated to landscape). Although you can swipe left and right to work with more lanes, we recommend only timing as many as will fit on your screen to minimize errors.

Time test set

  1. Tap START to begin timing the swimmers. Swimmers at the head of a lane have their names in blue. If you need to pause the timer for the entire group, tap PAUSE, then RESUME to continue.
  2. Tap FINISH SWIM in a lane to indicate the current swimmer in the lane finished a lap. You will see their lap time temporarily replace their name.
    Finish swim times
  3. When the timer hits a send off interval, such as the default five seconds, you will see the next swimmer’s names in line briefly turn green indicating it’s their turn to jump in. Watch ahead of time so you can shout, “Ready...GO!”
  4. If a swimmer passes another swimmer in the same lane, tap the green up arrow by the swimmer who passed someone and it will move them ahead of the swimmer they passed.
  5. If you incorrectly tap FINISH SWIM, tap  UNDO at the bottom of the lane and their timing will resume.
  6. If a swimmer misses their take off time or can’t finish a leg, tap SKIP for that lane, which will turn their name red. Have them get ready for the next leg.
    Skipped swimmer
  7. As you continue tapping FINISH SWIM, eventually the buttons will disappear once all swimmers have finished and it will display "Complete!" at the top. OnDeck will attempt to save the results to the cloud and display "RESULTS SAVED!" at the bottom once it succeeds. If you have a poor or no connection (wifi or cellular), it will store the results locally until it can re-establish a connection.

Test set complete

Review and Finalize the Test Set

  1. You may now enter everyone’s ending heart rates if desired by tapping HEART RATES.
  2. Tap VIEW RESULT to see times and averages for all swimmers.
  3. Tap the heart icon to see a swimmer’s starting and ending heart rates (assuming you entered them).
    Test set results
  4. Tap RERUN SET to redo the whole thing.
  5. If you entered ending heart rates on the prior screen, tap SAVE (phone) or SAVE TO REPORTING(tablet).
  6. If another coach timed other lanes, pull down on the whole set and it will join the results sets together.
    Join test set results
  7. Tap EXIT in the upper right when finished.

Now we'll take a look at reports in TU Coaching Tools.