Everything done in TU Coaching Tools instantly creates performance reports for coaches, families and swimmers to see with no extra work. It’s revolutionary, and will motivate your swimmers with a fresh view into their workout achievements. You can also find these reports in TU Web Coaching Tools.


Here you see the fruit of entering all those strokes and intensity levels. Access through > Reports > Intensity Reports. Below is what it looks like on a tablet.
MainSet Intensity Reports

  1. Access all three reports with the tabs at the top.
  2. Select the time period to view. Arrows to the left cycle through the time periods.
  3. The left arrow hides the list.
  4. Three searching tools are available: Search by name, set a Filter, and Sort By.

    Best Practice: Create a custom filter to display only the group(s) you want.

  5. View distance graph only, stress graph, or both (default).
  6. Tap a swimmer to view their details.
  7. Swipe left and right to see more graphs for Egy Levels, Race Pace (when it exists), and Set Types.
  8. Tap DISTANCE BREAKDOWN distance swam for each pie chart portion.
    Distance Breakdown

The main differences on a phone are that you can only view the swimmer list and swimmer details separately, and you swipe through the charts at the bottom one at a time.

Swimmers to select for reports Intensity Report with Day of Week Distance graph MainSet Intensity Report with Energy Levels chart

Test Set Times

Test Set Times lets you see all the test sets you’ve recorded. Access through  Reports > Test Set Times.
MainSet Test Set reports

  1. When you see this, one or more test sets were unable to be saved to the cloud due to a poor internet connection. Tap to view the list.
    1. Tap a set to view the results, and to exit.
    2. Select one or more sets and either DELETE RESULTS or SAVE (phone)/SAVE TO REPORTING(tablet).
  2. View SET INFO, including notes.
  3. Tap a set to view the results.
  4. If the results won't all fit, swipe left to view them all. 


You can both view and modify attendance. Access through > Reports > Attendance. Assistant Coaches can edit their own practices; Head Coaches can edit anyone's practices.

By Swimmer

Attendance by Swimmer Attendance for Swimmer Swimmer attendance graphs

  1. By default you can view attendance for each swimmer. Tap PRACTICE to view per session instead (see next section below).
  2. Make sure to use the Sort, Filter and Search tools to narrow down the list to find who you want.
  3. Tap a swimmer to see their attendance.
  4. One week of attendance shows by default; tap 7 days to change the time frame.
  5. The arrows cycle through swimmers.
  6. Default view is attendance list; tap graph icon to see attendance graph (next image).
  7. Tap an attendance item to see the workout.
  8. Tap VIEW OPTION to view attendance graph only, distance credits graph only, or both (default).
  9. Tap DISTANCE BREAKDOWN to view distance for each attendance state.
    Attendance distance breakdown

By Practice

Attendance by Practice Attendance session details

  1. Tap PRACTICE to view attendance by practice.
  2. One week of attendance shows by default; tap 7 days to change the time frame.
  3. Use the Sort, Filter and Search tools to narrow down the list to find who you want.
  4. Tap a date to see and edit attendance for that date.
  5. Tap SAVE after making any changes.
  6. Tap SHOW DETAIL to see the workout(s) for this attendance.
  7. The arrows cycle through the attendance sessions.
  8. Tap a swimmer to see all their attendance.
  9. Select one or more swimmers, then tap a button in the green bar.
    1. ATTENDANCE — Change their attendance state.
    2. MESSAGE — Send them a message via email and/or SMS.
    3. NOTES — View and add/edit notes for selected swimmer(s).
  10. Tap an attendance state on the right to change it, then tap SAVE (#5).

    Best Practice: If a swimmer was OUT this practice out but made it up in another practice, set their attendance state to EXCUSED so they don't get penalized. 

Next we learn how to record and share videos.