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Components are various widgets designed for specific tasks or functions. To access them,

  1. Click Website Design in the side menu.
  2. If the one you want is on another page, click the appropriate tab in the top menu.
  3. Hover over the page elements until the Component overlay button you want appears, such as Social Links, and click it. Or click the X on its right side to delete it.
  4. Make the changes you want and click Save.

To add a Component to a page,

  1. Click the Layout Section button in which you want to add it.
  2. Click Select component(s) to add.
  3. Check the box(es) of the component(s) you want.
  4. Click Select.
  5. Make any changes you want to the order, size, etc. See Layout Section for details.
  6. Click Save.

Below is a brief description of all the components. Keep in mind that you can add any component to almost any page. For example, you may wish to add the Fundraising Goal component to pages in addition to the home page to increase giving.

These components are designed to be placed in the site header or footer.

  • Account Bar — The Sign In button on the site frontend. It works best when placed in a Layout Section with a Horizontal orientation.
  • Google Translate — Add a language selector dropdown where it will translate everything on the page to the language the user picks.
  • Social Links — Add URLs to your organization's social media pages. Icons with an empty URL will not display. Click the Choose Display Type dropdown to select Only Icon to display them all compactly, or Text and Icon to display a description by each icon.
  • Team Level — Only appears for USA Swimming and Swim England teams. Choose which badges to display and, in some cases, which level.
  • Team Logo — We encourage you to upload a high-quality logo with a transparent background (PNG or GIF format) so that it blends with the site background.
  • Utility Links — Defaults to Coaches and Site Map links. Click + New Link to add your own.
  • Command Buttons — Highlight and link people to important areas of your site. You may have up to eight buttons.
  • Site Navigation — The menu tabs at the top of the site frontend. Hover over a menu item bar for editing options.

    • — Select to display multi-edit options at bottom of dialog: set to draft, hide, or show.
    • — Add a sub-tab.
    • — Edit tab properites.
    • — Copy tab link to clipboard so you can link to that tab by pasting it elsewhere.
    • { } — Edit page meta tags: title and description. Important for SEO.
    • / — Toggle show/hide tab. Note that you can link to hidden tabs, but not those set to Draft.
    • — Delete tab.
    • — Drag and drop to rearrange order.


Important information about your organization.

  • Contact Us — Click SHOW to toggle to HIDE if you don't want to show certain fields. Change any field label beside its SHOW switch if desired. Click the clock icon in the Hours section to type your own custom text. Click the To button by a day to enter a range, such as Mon-Fri.
  • Fundraising Goal — Show and customize your fundraising progress. Only available if you have Event Fundraising (FKA TU Money) activated.
  • Main Text — A brief blurb about your organization on the home page.
  • News — A brief listing of your most recent news articles. Often put in Horizontal Orientation beside another component like Upcoming Events or TeamFeed.
  • Sponsors & Partners — Put logos and links to the sites of sponsors you recruit and partner organizations. Some organizations make images with sponsor levels, such as Gold and Silver, then arrange the sponsors after the appropriate levels. See the Sponsors & Partners section of upload higher resolution photos for image sizes.
  • TeamFeed — Display a private social media feed of your team or club's activities. Available to SwimOffice Pro customers.
  • Twitter Timeline — Add a Twitter feed to the page.
  • Upcoming Events — Displays a compact list of upcoming events that are pulled from your calendar. Click YES the right of any event type to toggle it to NO and hide those type of events. You may delete the content of the Events Header field to leave it blank on the page.


Use these components to decorate and add interest to your site.

  • Generic Content — Adds an area where you can use the CK Editor to add whatever type of content you want.
  • Generic Photo — Great for areas where you want to just add a photo, rather than text as well. Fill in the On Click Link to field with a URL or click the page icon to make the image clickable.
  • Photo Slideshow — Add giant "hero" images to your home page, or even other pages if you want.
  • Spacer — If certain elements are too close together, add a Spacer to put a gap between them. Click the ... after adding to specify how much space it should take.

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