Admin Level - Webmaster and above

When you click Upgrade Your Site and choose a template, we copy some content once to the new CMS, some content stays synced on both, and some we don't copy at all.

Content copied once and never synced again

  • News articles
  • User defined pages
  • Home page elements, such as
    • Team logo
    • USA Swimming badges (team level)
    • Slideshow photos
    • Command buttons
    • Main text
    • Partner logos and links
    • Social media URLs
  • Files in Team Admin > Documents & Images (these get moved into the CK Editor library)

The upgrade copies those items to the new CMS just once. Any changes you make to those things in one system, after the upgrade, will not be reflected in the other. For example, if you update the content of a user defined page in the new CMS, you will not see those updates in the old system (Chameleon), and vice versa.

Therefore, we encourage you to perform any needed updates to any of those elements in Chameleon BEFORE performing the upgrade. Otherwise, you will need to make updates to both sides, or else just update only in the new CMS assuming you plan to publish it shortly.

Content that stays synced between old and new CMS

Most other content, such as events, accounts and members, TeamFeed, registrations, etc, reside in a database that is shared between both sides. If you update something in Chameleon, it will update in the new as well, and vice versa.

Once you publish the new CMS for the world to see, you will only need to worry about updating things there since Chameleon will no longer be available.

Content not copied to new CMS

  • Custom banner, skin, and background — You can upload your custom assets into the new CMS if you opted to have us send them to you.
  • Team name — If you do not have a custom banner at the top and have your team name there instead (defined in Website Layout Configuration in the Title part 1 and 2 fields), this does not get ported so that you can place your logo there instead.
  • Sponsors — We deprecated the self-service Sponsors module where sponsors can purchase an ad through your site; it does NOT get ported to the new CMS. If any sponsors purchased an ad that has not yet expired, we encourage you to add their logo and URL to the Sponsors & Partners section on the home page in the new CMS until the ad expiration date.
  • Various badges that link elsewhere
    • TouchPad Live
    • TYR
  • Google Analytics account ID
  • Team Site Meta keywords
  • Google Apps Verification Using Meta Method

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