Admin Level - Webmaster

The home page now has a dedicated contact area.

  1. In the side menu, click Team Tools > Website Design.
  2. Click the Contact Us overlay.
  3. Either click + New Contact to add a location or click an existing location to edit it.
  4. Fill in the various fields.
    • You may click Copy info from Team Profile to save time.
    • Note you can change the label for each field section.
    • If you fill in the Hours of operation, you can click the clock icon to enter a text value, and To to select a range of days with the same hours.
      Contact Us Hours
  5. Click Save.
  6. To add multiple locations, just click + New Contact and repeat steps 4-5.
  7. To hide certain fields, just click the SHOW slider by them to turn them off.
  8. Hover over a location for the following controls:
    • / — Toggle show/hide location.
    • — Delete location.
    • — Drag and drop to rearrange locations.
  9. Click Save when finished.

Multiple locations will have clickable tabs above the contact info.
Multiple locations

This completes your basic preparation. Let's learn some new CMS features.