Admin Level - Webmaster

The new CMS allows you to use a higher quality logo in the PNG format with a transparent background. The max width in Chameleon was 230 pixels. The new CMS logos can be as large as 1200x1200 pixels, which means your existing logo will likely get enlarged and look degraded. If you do not already have a higher quality version of your logo available, we encourage you to contact your graphic designer to obtain one like this and upload it.

  1. In the side menu, click Website Design.
  2. Click the Team Logo overlay (it will generally be at the top and/or bottom of the page).
  3. Click the in the upper right of the logo to delete it, then click Remove to confirm.
  4. Drag and drop a logo (up to 1200x1200 pixels!) onto the dotted line area, or click the area and then double click the desired logo. If your site had a custom skin and you opted for us to send you its assets, use logo.png from the zip file.
    • YMCA teams can click Generate YMCA Logo... and then enter their team data, pick a color, and then click Generate to have the system automatically build their YMCA logo and team name.
  5. To learn about all the other options, see our Team Logo article.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the tablet and phone icons in the upper right to make sure the logo works for those sizes.
    Tablet and phone buttons

Again, if your team does not have a logo, we strongly encourage you to get one. After all, you have a shiny new beautiful site, so make it all the more professional with a team logo.

If you would rather just display your team name, read how to add your team name to the site. Click your browser's back button in that article when finished to return here.

The next step is to fill in the contact info.