Admin Level - Email/Print/Calendar

Below is a template to copy and paste into an email to send to all your accounts. This will help them get excited about it and learn its new features.

  1. Copy the text below these steps.
  2. In your TU site in the side menu, click Team Tools > Accounts.
  3. Select all accounts.
  4. Click Communicate > Send New Email.
  5. Enter a Subject, such as “Check out our new website!”
  6. Paste the text you copied into the Message editor.
  7. If you are an SE Studio admin, replace “team’s website” with “club’s website” in the first line.
  8. IMPORTANT: In the TEAM URL line, replace it with either your team branded URL (such as or, where team-alias is your website’s alias. (Your team alias is in Business Tools > Team Profile & Settings in red.)
  9. Click Send.

That completes your migration to the new CMS! We encourage you to continue learning more in the CMS knowledge base.

We are excited to announce that our team’s website is now mobile friendly and has a brand new look! You can check it out at:

Once you go there you will see a new forward facing website, or “frontend.” Please take a moment to explore the home page and menu items to find where things are that you are used to seeing on the previous site.

Next, click the Sign in button at the top of the site, enter your credentials, and you will then see a new “backend” business side that houses all your tools and information. Again, take a moment to click around the side menu to find where things are now.

Please note these changes:

  • The backend is designed to let you access most everything you need through the new side menu without needing to return to the frontend, such as registration and events. But don’t worry, you can easily get back to the frontend by clicking View team website… in the lower left, which will open it in a new browser tab. Click the browser tab with the backend to return there.
  • What each side menu item does can help you find where things are now in the reorganized side menu.
  • You may see a Team Resources menu item. This contains informational pages and documents reserved for members of the club that used to be found on the frontend.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our upgraded site!