Now that you completed our preparation steps to help clean up your content, we want to teach you a few CMS features to really make your site shine. You'll need to click your browser's back button after viewing each article to return here.

Layout Section

Understanding how to use Layout Sections is key to customizing your site. A few concepts to keep in mind:

  • You can add components to any Layout Section, including on pages other than the home page. For example,
    • Ad banners (use the Generic Photo component, Vertical orientation)
    • Fundraising banner (Vertical orientation)
    • TeamFeed (Horizontal orientation)
  • Add a Spacer component to add space between other components.
  • When you add a background to a Layout Section, try setting the Attachment to Fixed. This gives the appearance of looking through a window when scrolling up and down.
  • You can even add an empty Spacer (Vertical orientation) with a Fixed background to create a fun window between home page elements.
  • If you choose to use a fixed size for a component, use only % (percentages) so that resizing will work properly on different sized screens.
  • You can add duplicate components on the same page. For example, add another Upcoming Events component on the home page by the existing one where each one shows different categories, such as "Team Meets" and "Club Functions." Just name each Event Header differently, select the appropriate categories for each, and turn off the calendars in each you don't want to show.

Sample content

Here are some free stock photos and background patterns for use on your site.

We suggest adding just a few elements to start, then perform QA on your site to make sure everything works.