Before you start working in the new CMS, it's important to understand a few things.

  • Until you publish your site, signing out of your site will return to the current interface known as Chameleon. When you sign in again, click Upgrade Your Site to return to the new CMS. This takes you to either the Alert Center when there are new alerts to view, or the last page you accessed in the CMS backend.
  • The CMS has two distinct sides: the "frontend," which has all your marketing content seen by the public, and the "backend," where you perform all your administrative tasks, and where your membership accesses their account, invoices, and relevant team content. This allows you to separate content meant to be seen by the public from that meant only to be seen by those belonging to your organization. To view the frontend of your website (the marketing side seen by the public),
    1. Click View team website… in the lower left. This opens it in a new browser tab.
    2. To return to the backend, just close the new browser tab, or switch to the other browser tab, rather than navigating through the menus.
    3. If you make a change in the backend that affects the frontend, switch to the browser tab with the frontend and refresh the page (press F5 or Ctrl+R).
  • The side menu has been significantly reorganized. Please click around to learn where things are. Check Chameleon vs new CMS menus if you have trouble finding something. (Click your browser's back button when finished to return here.)
  • The Website Design tab in the side menu (near the bottom) is where you will perform much of the work. As you hover the cursor over the various page elements you will see various overlay buttons appear.
    Layout Section and Component buttons
    • A Layout Section houses one or more Components, or it can be empty. Click the Layout Section button to edit its properties, add or remove Components from it, rearrange their order, change their sizes, and more.
    • There are multiple kinds of Components, such as Social Links and Photo Slideshow, each designed for a specific task. Click the button to edit the Component's properties. Click the X on the right side to delete the Component.
  • Everything in Team Admin > Documents/Images got copied to the CK Editor library, which is the content editor that appears in various places like user defined pages.
  • All Superusers have access to the new CMS before you publish it. To give access to others admins, which we recommend to help QA the site or even help work on it,
    1. Click Sandbox Mode at the top.
    2. Click Edit Sandbox Access…
    3. Select Webmaster/Event and/or Email/Print/Calendar.
    4. Click Update.
    5. Click CLOSE.

You will learn more concepts as you continue through this guide. With those out of the way, let’s prepare your site to go live in the new CMS.