Admin Level - Email/Print/Calendar and above

We reorganized the side menu in the new CMS to hopefully make things easier to find and be more logical. Please take a moment to click around in it to find where things are. This guide can help if you have trouble locating something.

Menu items not noted are the same in the new CMS and Chameleon, the previous system.

Hello, Your Name

Hello, Your Name menu

After you click the Sign in button at the top, you will be taken to the backend where this is the first menu item. On the frontend, the Sign in button turns into your avatar circle after signing in. Click it to sign out.

  1. Same as My Account > My Account in Chameleon, and after clicking it you can upload your photo to fill in the avatar circle (sign out and back in to see it if you upload your photo).

My Account

Parents/non-admins can register for the team and swim lessons from this tab. See the first article below for details.

Team Tools

Team Tools menu

This has many of the same items as Team Admin in Chameleon.

  1. Accounts is the same as Account/Member Admin in Chameleon. Note you can now click Members and USA Swimming Registration / Swim England Registration to go straight to those tabs.
  2. Same as Coaching Tools > Manage Coaches. (SwimOffice Pro customers only.)
  3. Same as Team Admin > Team Profile > Contact Us Recipients in Chameleon.
  4. The Coaches link at the top of your site had Edit links in Chameleon to edit both staff lists. Now you edit them through the Coaches List and Board of Directors List menu items.
  5. You now add and edit News articles here instead of on the frontend.
  6. Same as Members link at the very top of your site, mainly for parents to search for other parents and athletes on the team.

Classes & Lessons

Classes & Lessons menu
  1. Same as Team Admin > Lesson Admin in Chameleon.
  2. Parents can register here instead of through the frontend.

Events & Competition

Events & Competition menu
  1. Combines three different calendars.
    • Team Events is same as Events menu tab in Chameleon, where you can sign up for meets and jobs. You can still access these in the frontend like in Chameleon.
    • Practices is similar to Workouts & Videos > Practice Calendar in Chameleon. Only SwimOffice Pro teams will see this option.
    • General is same as legacy Calendar menu tab in Chameleon.
  2. Same tabs as those in Team Admin > Time Reports, except for the next item.
  3. Same as Events menu tab > Reports tab in Chameleon.
  4. Same as Events menu tab > TouchPad Meet Admin tab in Chameleon.

Business Tools

Business Tools menu
  1. Same as Team Admin > Team Profile in Chameleon.
  2. Same tabs as those under Billing Admin in Chameleon.
  3. Same as TUMoney > Event Fundraising Admin in Chameleon.
  4. Same as Billing Admin > Fundraising Admin in Chameleon.
  5. Same as My Account > TeamUnify Invoices in Chameleon.
  6. Same as Help & Training > Contact Support in Chameleon.

Team Resources

Team Resources menu

Content on user defined pages (those added by your team) was converted to Team Resource pages.

  1. Click Manage Team Resources to see all custom pages. When you edit a page, set Show in Team Resources? to YES and you will see a red R by it to indicate it will show under Resources for non-admins. This allows you to delete content meant for membership-only from the navigation menu.
  2. Team Resource pages where you set Show in Team Resources? to YES are listed here for non-admins to access in the backend.

Website Design

This is the one area that is completely different from Chameleon. It brings up the home page where you can click Layout Section and Component overlays to modify them. Clicking a navigation menu item will take you to that page where you can click the Layout Section there to add more components, such as ad banners.

Help & Training

TU Updates now appear under here.

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