SwimOffice Admin - SuperUser or Lesson Admin - Full Access

  1. Click the sub program name to add your question to for applying additional charges or discount
  2. Select the radio button "This Sub Program Charges Additional Fee/Discount (per Reg/per Student/per Class)"
  3. Enter in your information. Note the Fee Name will appear on the invoice as the line item being charged
  4. Select All Locations if you wish to apply this to all of your locations (even if you only have one)
  5. Select Selected Locations and click [Pick] to the right if you would like this fee or discount to apply only to specific locations
  6. NOTE - If you select the discount to be more than the total amount of the class fee, the system will default to zero owed. It will not apply a credit.

  7. Click Save Changes
  • This will appear as a line item at checkout breaking the amount out from the class fee or any other additional fees
  • This will appear as a line item for refund purposes so you will be able to refund only this amount
  • You must apply this individually to each Sub Program

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