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This article explains the distinction and relationship of different Groups below.

Billing Groups define different groups of athletes you will bill recurring amounts in the billing system.

  • Even if you charge them all the same amounts, you will want different Billing Groups if you want to track the income of each.
  • They are often named the same as Roster Groups but don’t have to be.
  • You can email selected Billing Groups when creating events, from the Email Center, and from Account/Member Admin.

Sub Billing Groups define when to charge Billing Groups recurring amounts.

  • Each Sub Billing Group you define will appear for every Billing Group. If you define “Full Payment” and “Monthly Payment” Sub Billing Groups, then Bronze, Silver and Gold Billing Groups will all have Full Payment and Monthly Payment Sub Billing Groups.

Roster Groups and Locations have nothing to do w/ billing, but your Billing Groups will often mirror your Roster Groups if you want to track the income of each Roster Group.

  • Both are optional. Some teams organize by Billing Groups only.
  • They are used when taking attendance in OnDeck, TeamUnify’s mobile app.
  • You can email selected Roster Groups and Locations when creating events, from the Email Center, from Account/Member Admin, and from Invoices & Payments.

Registration Groups allow people registering to choose in which group to register each athlete.

  • They only appear in Registration Admin and can have age limits and a description.
  • They are NOT Billing Groups, nor are they Roster Groups.
  • They only appear in teams using our Online Registration system.

Payment Options allow people registering to choose payment frequencies.

  • They only appear in Registration Admin and are tied to Registration Groups.
  • They are NOT Sub Billing Groups, but they will most likely match at least some of your Sub Billing Groups.

For all of the above Groups, athletes can only belong to ONE of each at a time. For instance, an athlete could not be in both a Bronze and Silver Roster Group simultaneously.

The different Groups work together in a general flow like this.

  1. Family registers an athlete and chooses a Registration Group, Location, and Payment Option.
  2. Admin approves and assigns the athletes to a Billing and Roster Group based on the Registration Group, a Sub Billing Group based on the Payment Option and/or Registration Group, and a Location based on the Location.
  3. System generates recurring fees based on Billing and Sub Billing Group.
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