Q – If you choose the wait list option in the class setup what does this mean?
A – This means that once you reach your full class number (reg slot) the button will turn from register to wait list. It’s up to the admin whether you move them from wait list to class. No charges are made at the time of wait list only when you approve them into the class.

Q – Why does paying by check make an athlete go to wait list?
A – Because you need to wait for an actual payment before moving them into a class. A check is not a guaranteed payment and therefore a spot is not held until received.

Q – I have not set the class up to accept wait list but the check payment still goes to wait list.
A – Correct. Although a button called Wait List will never appear due to the class setup not having that option, check payments will still go to a wait list status until that check is received.

Q – How do I move a student from wait list into their class?
A – Go to Team Admin > Lesson Admin, then

  • Classes Tab > Find your class > click Manage to the right of the name > Pay and Approve
  • Students Tab > Find the Student > click Manage > Pay and Approve

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