You need to do this to change the Lessons title, add check information, turn on CC functionality, Global yearly reg fee, electronic waivers etc.

  1. Go to Team Admin > Lesson Admin > System tab
  2. Click Edit button on bottom right to begin

  1. Email Address - This is the email address that the receipts will come from when sent to a customer
  2. Name used - This is the name of the person that customer will receive the receipt from
  3. Waitlist check payer - You have the option of putting all check payers automatically on the Waitlist until you receive their check or you can automatically enroll them based on  your selection.
  4. Hide [Instructors] Tab - Your customers have the option of signing up by instructor or class.  If you do not want your customer having the option of signing up by instructor you can turn this off.
  5. Hide Instructor Schedules - You can leave the Tab above to On but hide the actual schedule which will only show the biography of each instructor.
  6. Allow sending Emails - When an instructor logs in and you have assigned them to actual classes, they will have their own tab showing their schedule and list of students.  You can turn off their ability to email their students.
  7. Hide Day/Time offered - These are filters to your public. If they cause confusion you can turn them off.
  8. Annual Registration Fee (per family/per student) - You can apply an annual registration fee using this toggle.  It will see the first day they registered and apply the fee.  Exactly one year from that initial date, it will charge this fee again (you can adjust on the Student Tab and Accounts/Revenue Tab).
  9. User Defined fields - You can set these fields up in Team Admin > Team Profile and then apply them here as show but optional, required or hide.  For example you might need to collect data about their swimming experience for example, "What do you need to work on?"

  10. System Tab
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