SwimOffice Admin - SuperUser Admin/Lesson Partial Admin

Option #1

  1. Go to Team Admin > Lesson Admin > Students
  2. Select the filters to find your athlete and click Search
  3. If you are using the Chameleon framework click the + sign to the left of the student’s name
  4. Click the red [Move] link
  5. Choose Move To a Different Reg Slot or Move To a Different Class
  6. Select your options
  7. NOTE: If you select "Move To a Different Class" it will NOT automatically charge more or refund if there is a price difference from the original class. This allows you the flexibility to optionally charge or refund any difference you want. When you pick the Location/Time Slot you will see the "Fees Paid at Registration." Make a note of the cost if you wish to charge or refund and fill in the desired Additional Charge fields after you pick the desired slot.
  8. Click the button on the bottom right to finalize move
  9. All information throughout the system will update as necessary

NOTE! If you move a WL student into a class you must pay and approve on the manage screen.

Option #2

  1. Go to Team Admin > Lesson Admin > Instructors
  2. Set filters and click Search
  3. Select the + sign to the left of instructors if necessary
  4. Each student has a [Move] link

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