If you would like to Clone an existing class please watch the Class Clone video or follow the steps below.

Clone a single class

  1. Go to Lessons Admin.
    1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click Team Admin > Lesson Admin.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Classes & Lessons > Lessons Admin.
  2. Click the Classes tab.
  3. From here search/find the class you would like clone and click the underlined name.
  4. This will take you the Class Edit screen with the existing classes information filled in. Edit these fields to make any changes to the new class you want to create. Those fields with a red * are required.
  5. Once you have changed the desired parameters click the Save Changes to a New Class (Clone) button in the lower left. Important- do not click the regular Save Changes button or you will simply overwrite the existing class and not actually clone!
  6. Repeat this process as necessary to create multiple classes.

Clone multiple classes

  1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Lesson Admin.
  2. Click the Classes tab.
  3. Use your filters and click Search to find your desired classes. If none come up, try changing the Active/Archived drop down to Archived and click Search again.
  4. Select one or many classes.
  5. Click Multi-Clone.

  6. Change any information that you need to import into the cloned classes (for instance change the dates).
  7. Click Save Changes.


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