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In most cases you can use the Payment Manager interface to both make charges and refunds with credit cards (see links at bottom). There are rare instances when you may need to manually process a credit card charge or refund through your payment gateway. For example, a customer may want you to refund to a different CC.

  1. Login to your merchant gateway: https://secure.nmi.com/merchants/
  2. Make a charge or refund. You will typically need a Transaction ID # to do the latter.
    1. If you need help please email TUSupport@chfs.us or call 855-601-2437 and select support to go to a support agent.
  3. Make sure to SAVE YOUR TRANSACTION ID # to enter into your SwimOffice site.

Once you have processed a charge/refund through the gateway ensure you enter it on your TULessons side.

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