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When entering certain meets where you can only use entry times from meets of a specific meet type, such as official USA-S sanctioned meets, do the following.

First, the meet results must be designated as a certain meet type. See Set Meet Types for results. Assuming that has happened,

  1. Go to your Events page.
  2. Find the desired meet and click its Edit Commitment button.
  3. Click the Edit link located by the Event Declaration Setting.
    Athlete Signup tab
  4. Click the select link by the Meet Type field.
    Meet Edit properties
  5. Check the box(es) by the desired Meet Type(s) and click Select (you may select more than one).
    Meet Type Admin
  6. The Restrict entry [Best Time] to same [Meet Type] checkbox should appear and be checked automatically.
    Meet Edit properties
  7. Click Save Changes.

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