Some organizations have two or more teams, such as those with a USA Swimming team and a high school team, and thus need more than one club code. Although it is possible, TeamUnify does NOT recommend using two team codes on the same website. There are several reasons why.

  • You can only have one team code active at once.
  • When you need to use your other code, you must manually change it on Team Admin > Team Profile. It will stay that way until you change it back.
  • When you generate a meet entries file, it can only have one code. If both teams are in the same meet, you must have two events for the same meet and make sure the correct athletes sign up for the correct meet.
  • Even if only one team is in a meet, you must make sure the correct code is active when generating the entry file.
  • When viewing results on any of the results tabs, you will only see them for the active team code (unless you choose to view results for ALL teams in your LSC/league or you check the Match ID# Only check box).
  • If you use our Team Records feature and publish top times to them, you'll need to have separate records for each team code and make sure to push new results to the correct record.
  • All of this can be very error-prone and confusing for both parents and staff since it's easy to forget or not know which team code is active.
If you have a need for two team codes we strongly recommend two SwimOffice sites. All entries and times will be cleanly separated and there will be no confusion as to which is which.

If your team is changing team codes you need to let TeamUnify know as we will need to update all athletes' times to attach to the new team code.

If you need to enter a specific meet with a different team code, please contact TU Support for help.

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