This most often happens because the course order for a meet is set to only use times from certain course types. For example, the course type might be set to use only SCM times and an athlete only has SCY times.

  1. Go to the Edit Commitment button
  2. Athlete Signup Tab
  3. Check the Course Type
  4. Select Edit to update

Assuming it's OK to change it, here is how to edit the course type once you are on that page.

  1. Click Course Order drop down and choose desired type
  2. ◦    Example: If course type was set to YLS, change it to "S - Convert all best times to SCM"

  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Click Close at the top
  5. Click Committed Athletes tab at top
  6. Click Update Best Times

  7. Choose desired options and click Update Times NOW! (see related FAQ if you aren't sure which options to use)

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