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If you entered a meet in Team Manager you can bill this in SwimOffice.

Export entries from Team Manager

  1. Launch Team Manager.
  2. In the main menu click Reports > Meet Reports > Meet Entries.
  3. Check/select the following on the Meet Entries... window. (Screenshot is from TM 7.0; options may vary for other versions.)
    Meet Entries
    1. Show Registration ID (Filters section)
    2. Name (Sort by section)
    3. Individual and Relays (Event Filters section)
  4. Uncheck everything in Other Options section.
  5. Click Create Report.
  6. In the Print / Export Reports window that opens, click the Export Report button in the upper left.
    Print / Export Reports
  7. Click the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) dropdown and select Microsoft Excel 97-2000 - Data only (XLS) and click OK.
  8. Select Minimal: Data is exported with no formatting applied and click OK.
    Excel Format Options
  9. Change where it saves if desired and click Save.

Import entries into SwimOffice

  1. In the SwimOffice side menu, click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments.
  2. Click Import Meet Entry Fees.
  3. Under Step 3 click Browse or Choose File.
  4. Navigate to where you saved the Excel file in Team Manager and double click it (or click it once and click Open).
  5. Under Step 4 fill in the Meet Name.
    Step 4: Enter Meet & Entry Fee information
  6. By Chart of Account click [Select], then click Select by your desired CoA.
  7. Select Option 2, then enter the Individual Event Fee and Relay Event Fee per athlete.
  8. Enter the per athlete Surcharge.
  9. Click Import Now!
  10. Make sure all fees are accurate. If you find any mistakes, you will need correct them in Team Manager and repeat the whole process.
  11. Once you are confident all fees are correct, click Ignore Errors & Create Invoice Items Now! This will create invoice items in the Account of each athlete with fees.

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