The short answer is yes for meet entries, and no for meet results.

All meet results must have a two letter league code and 1-5 letter team club code (such as TZ-FAST) to keep them unique for each team in our TU results database. Unlike USA Swimming teams, there is no governing body for all rec and summer league teams, and thus no standard for two letter league abbreviation codes, so we made up our own list. As a result, some teams use a different league code (such as their state abbreviation) than TU does.

To address these discrepancies when importing meet results, SwimOffice replaces whatever league code is in a results file with the league code we assigned to your team and league.

The positive outcomes of this—you can enter meets anytime anywhere from any computer, you can view results for all other teams in your league, and parents can have all of their athletes' times at their fingertips—far outweigh the negative of the code it prints on your entry report.

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