If you wish to create a record for a athlete that is not in your dbase you will need to: Create an account/member profile, add meet and result. Please follow the steps below on how to accomplish this.

Adding a New Account:

  • Go to Team Admin > Account/Member Admin
  • Click Add New
  • Fill in all information Required fields denoted by a red *
  • Click Save Account Changes

To Add a New Member

  • Click on the Add New button at the bottom of the page
  • The next screen displayed will be the member input display. Required fields denoted by a red *
  • With the field “ID Card #” click the “Build” link
  • Save Changes

Creating a Meet/Time in the TU Dbase

  1. Click on My Account > My Meet Results > Results By Meets
  2. Click on the Add Meet for Meet Results and fill in required fields denoted by a red *
    • Meet Name
    • Host Name
    • Location city
    • State
    • Country Code
    • Course
    • Start Date
    • End Date
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Find the meet in your meet dbase and click on the meet name you created
  5. Click the Add Results button at the top
  6. From here fill in these parameters to create times required fields denoted by a red *
    • Member
    • Date of Swim
    • Age @ Meet
    • Course
    • Age Group
    • Event Gender
    • Distance
    • Stroke
    • Preliminary time
    • Final Time
    • Final Place
    • Final points
    • Relay Lead-off
  7. Click Submit

Now this result will be in the system so you will be able to run your records properly. To create your record please search in the FAQs section: “How do I create a record using the Records tab?”