SwimOffice Admin - Super User or Financial Admin - Full Access

Billing meet fees is a two step process.

  1. Generate a meet fees batch from either
    1. Meet entries or
    2. Meet results
  2. Invoice and charge meet fees.

This article covers step 2.

Once someone has generated a meet fees batch, a Super User or Financial Admin - Full Access can generate invoices for everyone in the batch, and/or charge those fees immediately to anyone with a credit card on file. Those without a CC will see the charges show up on their next month's invoice.

Access meet fees batches

  1. If you just now generated a fees batch and are still on that screen, or you clicked a link in an email about batch meet fees that were generated, skip down to Process meet fees batch.
  2. Otherwise, in the side menu click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments.
  3. Click Meet Entry Fees Batches.
    Invoices & Payments
    • Note: If you don't have a Meet Entry Fees Batches button, you must activate Generate Meet Fees v2 (Billing Admin > Billing Setup > check Generate meet entry fees on entry file generation, click Save Changes).
  4. This will display a list of all batches needing to be processed (unless you set a different default view). The usual controls are available, similar to Account/Member Admin.
    Meet Entry Fees Batches
    1. Customize Columns — Use this to include more data, such as Batch Generated By and Total Fees.
    2. Saved ViewsPending Batches is the default view, where the Invoiced Status filter is set to None and Partial. TU supplies two other views—All Batches and Completed Batches. Select a different one or create your own, then click Done.
    3. Select one or more batches and click Edit > Delete to delete them.
    4. Select one or more batches and click Export > Custom Excel Export to create a spreadsheet of the selected batches.
    5. Click expand if you've added more columns so you can see all the data at once. Click again (it will now say collapse) to return to the normal view.
    6. Click a batch number to access its details, invoice the fees and/or charge them.

Process meet fees batch

Once you click or generate a batch and it loads, you will see the batch number at the top, any notes entered by the one who generated the batch, and a summary of events and charges.
Meet Entry Fees Batch

Note: All dollar amounts will initially be $0.00 until you actually generate invoices.

You can do the following.

  1. Select one, several or all checkboxes by Members' names.
  2. To email the Accounts or Members, click Communicate, then click one of the following.
    1. Email Accounts of the selected Members, or Email Members (only if they have a valid email in their profile) and CC their Accounts.
    2. Next, compose your email and click Send.
  3. To generate an Excel spreadsheet of all the data, click Export > Custom Excel Export. Select any additional fields you want to include and click Generate Report.
  4. To generate invoices and/or charge credit cards for fees, click Action, then one of the following (available to Super Users only).
    Meet Fees Actions menu
    1. Create invoice items & Charge CC — Create invoices for all selected Members. Those with CCs on file will get charged immediately. All families will receive an email with a link to view the charges. Those without CCs will see the charges on next month's invoice.
    2. Create invoice items Only — Useful if your team does not have electronic processing, or you want to let Auto Pay take care of the charges on the 1st of next month, along with any other charges in their account.
    3. Charge CC Only — This will only work if you have created invoice items first. This is useful if you tried charging their CC before but it failed, they have since added a CC to their account, or you only invoiced them first. In order to see Members for whom this is true,
      1. Click Customize Filters.
      2. Click Invoiced? on the left, Yes on the right, Done.
      3. You may now select your desired members, then click Action > Charge CC Only.
      4. Click OK to confirm, and then you will see the results of the CC processing.
  5. After selecting 4a or 4b, you will enter and review the fees.
    Fees options
  6. Option 1 is selected by default, where it pulls in the individual event and relay fees from the meet setup.
    1. Click View/Edit to see those fees listed in the Team Charges column. You may click Edit in any row to change any of those fees.
      Team Charges
    2. Click Select if you want to choose a different meet.
  7. If you want to enter different fees across the board, or the meet setup does not have any Team Charges defined, select Option 2: Use Custom Fees, then enter the Individual Event Fee and Relay Event Fees (which is charged per athlete, NOT per relay). Note the totals in 11 will update.
    Option 2: Use Custom Fees
  8. The Meet name will appear on each person's invoice. Change it if desired.
  9. Enter the per athlete Surcharge, if any. Note the totals in 11 will update.
  10. Select the Chart of Account to use for all these fees.
  11. The totals will reflect the individual event fees, relay fees, and surcharges and dynamically update if you change any of them.
  12. Carefully review all the charges for each athlete and click Cancel if something isn't right, because once you create the invoices, you cannot easily undo them if you made a mistake.
    Meet fees details
    1. If you previously created invoices for any Members, you will see this warning.
      Duplicate charge warning
      You will also see the warning next to the specific Members.
      Duplicate charge warning next to Member
      Like the warning says, click Cancel, uncheck those members in the list, then generate the invoices again (4a or 4b). If you ignore the warning, it simply will not invoice nor charge them again.
  13. Once you see the total fees at the bottom and are confident all charges are correct, click Create Invoice Items & Charge CC (if you selected 4a) or Create Invoice Items Only (4b).
  14. If you elected to charge those accounts with a CC on file (4a or 4c), you will see the results of the CC processing.
    Meet Fees Processing Results
  15. As mentioned earlier (step 4a), those who were invoiced will receive an email letting them know they were invoiced for meet fees with a link to view them.
  16. Invoices generated will show up in each Account, as will the CC charges, if any.
    Meet Fees invoices
  17. Users can log into their account and see these invoices and charges (My Account > $ My Invoice/Payment > Your Total Projected Amount Owed), like in the example below.
    Your Total Projected Amount Owed

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