I have an event where the athlete's times are mostly showing NT, but I know they have lots of best times in the system. Why won't the event use them?

This is likely because the "Use Date Since" field is set to a very recent date, so the system won't use any times prior to that date. To check and fix:

  1. Go to Events page and find the meet you wish to edit
  2. Stay on the Athlete Signup 
  3. Select Edit to the right of the Event Declaration Setting

  4. This will take you to the 'Meet Edit' Screen
  5. Update the Use Date Since " field to something way in the past, for instance 1/1/1970

  6. Click Save Changes
Another possibility is the athlete doesn't have any times for the course order of the meet. For example, the course order may be set to "SO - Use best SCM times ONLY." If the athlete doesn't have any SCM times for a particular event, it will show NT. If you want to convert other times to SCM and it's OK with the meet host, follow these steps.
  1. On the "View Meet Events" screen, click Edit button at the top of the screen
  2. This will take you to the "Meet Edit" screen
  3. Click the Course Order drop down and select the appropriate choice. If it was set to "SO" as in the above example, you would change it to "S - Convert all best times to SCM"
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Click Close at the top
  6. Click Committed Athletes tab at top
  7. Click Update Best Times
  8. Choose desired options and click Update Times NOW! (see related FAQ if you aren't sure which options to use)

Finally, it could be that the swimmer ID in some or all results doesn't match the ID in the member profile. Check the first set of steps in the first article listed below.

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