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When you import new meet results you have the option of updating any existing records that have been beaten by the results you are importing. Two things MUST be in place before you can do this.

First, your Team Records page must have record sets, such as for SCY records. If you haven't created any please watch the video below as it includes record creation.

Second, you must have team-defined age groups set up. If you don't then when you import results it will say [No new record found] even if records were broken. The Times Report Age Groups article shows where they are and how to set them up.

Assuming those are both in place, import your meet results. Before we cover that, here is how the logic works to determine what records are broken. Suppose you have, among others, age groups for 13-15 years and open (ages 0-109).

  • Individual events — For each age group that contains the age of the athlete's result, create a new record if it doesn't exist, or update it if the result beats it.
    • For example, results for a 15 year old will look for records in both the 13-15 age group and open age group.
  • Relay events — Same logic, but system compares the age group of the relay event (NOT the athletes' ages) with the records' age groups.
    • A 15 & Under 200 free relay result might update the both the 13-15 and open age group relay records.
    • An open 200 free relay result will only create or update the open age group relay records.

With that logic in mind, here is how to import results and update team records.

  1. Go to Results by Meets.
    1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click Team Admin > Time Reports.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Events & Competition > Meet Results.
  2. Click Import Meet Results for my Team.
  3. Click Browse or Choose File.
  4. Locate and double click your results file.
  5. Check the Update records if new records found check box.
  6. Click Upload the file NOW!

  7. If any records are broken the system will give you a list. If you hover over the course type you will see the previous record details.
  8. Select some or all records you wish to update on both the Individual Events and Relay Events tabs.

  9. Scroll to the bottom and click Approve Selected Records or Ignore All Records.

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