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Billing meet fees is a two step process.

  1. Generate a meet fees batch from either
    1. Meet entries or
    2. Meet results
  2. Invoice and charge meet fees.

This article covers step 1b, where you generate meet fees when you import a meet results file.

  1. First import the meet results like normal. When it completes, you will see a new row with the meet name.
  2. Click Gen Entry Fees by the newly imported results.
    Results by Meets
  3. Enter Notes if desired.
  4. Click Generate Entry Fees Batch NOW. This will generate a batch from the meet results just like when generating them for meet entries.
  5. If you are a Super User or full access Financial Admin, you may then process the meet fees batch. The only difference from processing them from meet entries is Option 2: Use Custom Fees will be selected by default and you will need to enter the fees since the results are not connected to a meet. You may still select Option 1 and manually connect to an existing meet in SwimOffice.
    Option 2: Use Custom Fees

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