Admin Level - Webmaster

If you would like your top times report to appear as a submenu please do the following

This is a two step process

Step 1
  1. Team Admin
  2. Website Design
  3. Add a new Tab
  4. Label it Top Ten Times or Seasonal Top Times etc
  5. Save Changes and the tab should appear on the top in your in site map depending on positioning
  6. Click on that Tab 
  7. Copy the URL in the address bar

  8. Go back to that tab in Website Design and Select the option Hide = Yes

  9. Stay in Website Design and click on the Tab you want the report to appear in 
  10. Add a Sub Menu
  11. Copy/Paste your URL from step 7 and Paste into the link this Tab (toggle to Yes)

  12. Save Changes
Step 2
  1. My Account > My Meet Results > Time Reports > Top Times By Event
  2. Fill in the necessary parameters
  3. Select Report NOW on the bottom right
  4. Snapshot & Overwrite a [User Defined Tab] and select the hidden one you create (Top Ten)
  5. Select the Snapshot & Overwrite a [User Defined] Tab
  6. This will automatically link to the actual submenu you created
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