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To utilize and save multiple live results, rather than overwrite/lose them each time you have another meet, follow these steps.

This assumes you’ve set up SwimOffice and Meet Manager (MM) to work with live results.

First you will need to create a new directory in your FTP results site for each desired results set.

  1. Launch the Windows command prompt, Mac Terminal, or your favorite FTP software
  2. Enter this command:
  3. It will say Connected to
  4. It will prompt for your username, which is your team alias (found in My Account > My Tutorials)
  5. Enter your password (defined in Team Admin > Team Profile, “FTP Password for Live Results” field)
  6. Once logged in you will see an "ftp>" prompt. Enter this command, where "mynewmeet" is your desired folder name:
    mkdir mynewmeet
  7. You will see something like "/mynewmeet" - Directory successfully created
  8. If you ever need to delete a results folder, such as myoldmeet, type
    rm myoldmeet
  9. Type exit (Mac) or quit (Windows) and close the program if desired

If you have difficulties with the above, please contact Support.

Next point Meet Manager to the new working directory.

  1. In MM click the Run menu
  2. Click the globe icon
  3. In the “Working Directory (case sensitive)” field enter /mynewmeet (or whatever you named it)
  4. Click Test Web Site Connection to make sure it works, then close the dialog

If you want to provide links to the results in SwimOffice, you will need to add the subdirectory to the URL.

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