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These steps will help you set up real-time results, AKA live results, for Meet Manager™ (MM). Your SwimOffice website includes FTP storage for this purpose.

A. Enter FTP password in SwimOffice (TU website)

  1. Go to Team Profile.
    1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click Team Admin > Team Profile.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Business Tools > Team Profile & Settings.
  2. Note your Team Alias in red letters, as you will use this as your user name in MM.

  3. Scroll down to FTP Password for Live Results and enter your Password and enter it again in the Confirm field. This can be any alphanumeric password. You will also use this as your MM login/password for real-time results.

  4. Click Save.

B. Set up real-time results in MM

  1. In Meet Manager click Run in the main menu.
  2. Click Web in the menu or click the Web (globe) icon. Note this option is only available in MM Pro for version 5.0.

  3. Fill in these values in the Log-in tab as follows:

    1. Enter your site address
      • Australia:
      • UK:
      • USA and all others:
    2. User Name — Your team alias (see A2 above)
    3. Password — Same password as you entered in your Team Profile (see A3 above)
    4. Working Directory — / (type a forward slash)
  4. Click Test Web Site Connection to make sure the values you entered are correct. If you get an error, please fix any incorrect values and try again.
  5. Click the Settings tab and select/enter the following:

    1. Select Passive FTP (best)
    2. Check Enable F11 and F12 from Run (this appears on the Log-in tab in MM 3.0) so that when you press either of those keys while in the Run menu, MM will upload real-time results to your website.
    3. Bottom field: (see A3 above for your alias)
      • Australia:
      • UK:
      • USA and all others:
  6. The URL you entered in the last step is what you will use to view the results. Copy it if you wish to create a link on your SwimOffice site for real-time results.
  7. You may need to click the Log-in tab and click Upload Heat or Psych Sheets for Rounds Not Done to view entries/psych sheets in your real-time results.
  8. Close the Web dialog.
You are now ready to run real-time results from MM. Please consult Hy-Tek's documentation to learn how.

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