If you are loading your meet result file into TeamUnify and you get an error code that the system cannot find your team the reasons are:

If you are a summer league,

  • Did you enter your meet using Team Manager™ instead of TeamUnify (TU)? If yes, then it’s most likely the LSC code that TU has attached to your team. The reason for this is that TU is an online software program and we have to designate not just your team in an entry file but also a league. This ensures that your times will attach exclusively to your team. Go to Team Admin > Team Profile and look at your LSC code. This designates your league. TM most likely does not have a matching LSC code. Please use TU to enter meets and generate all of your reports. If you need any help please reference the webinars or FAQs. If you need additional support please email support@teamunify.com.
  • If you used TU to enter your meet (highly suggested) please email your results file to support@teamunify.com and we will ensure the problem is fixed now and going forward.

If you are a Year Round team, please go to Team Admin > Team Profile (New CMS users: In the side menu click Business Tools >Team Profile & Settings) and ensure we set your team code and LSC correctly. If not, you can change your team code but TU will need to update your LSC code. Email support@teamunify.com with your team name and new LSC code.