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Below is an explanation of what all the column headers in the accounts listing mean. You reach this by clicking Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments, and then Search if needed.

Account Name
: Click to view Account Info, Payment Setup, and Membership Dues Schedule where you can setup individual account recurring charges and discounts.
Invoice: Click Current or Past to view those invoices, respectively.
Viewed: Indicates the last date the parent viewed their invoice.
Prev Acct Bal: Amount owed last month.
Current Inv: Amount owed this month (not including previous account balance).
Pmts: Payments made this month. Click New to enter a new payment. Click ALL to view all payments made.
Cr Memo: Credits posted this month.
Refnd Cr: Refunds given this month.
Non-Recur Chrg: Non-recurring charges posted this month (not invoiced yet).
Acct Balance: Amount currently owed. Click view to see current month's activity. Click [History] to see activity for a date range.
Total Income this Month: Recurring + non-recurring fees - credits, all created this month.
Recur Chrgs: Recurring fees due to be charged next month.
Tot Next Inv: Total amount due next month (account balance + upcoming recurring fees).
CC/AC Status: Status of last auto pay charge for CC or ACH.

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