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NOTE - This is a two step process!

Step #1

  1. Billing Admin
  2. Invoices & Payments
  3. Under Account Balance Column click [History]

  4. Enter in the correct date parameters to search for the CC transaction to refund
  5. Scroll down to Payments
  6. If the credit card transaction is older than 90 days you will not be able to refund back to the card (we discard CC details after 90 days for security purposes); you will need to use the "New Refund Credit Balance" function instead; see the "Refund by check" link below
  7. Click the [Refund] link for the Credit Card transaction to refund

  8. Enter in the amount to refund

  9. Save Credit Card Refund

Step #2

IF you are refunding for incorrect invoicing YOU MUST ALSO DO THE FOLLOWING.
  1. Click on Invoices & Payments located under the Billing Admin tab
  2. Search and find the account you would like to refund
  3. Place a check mark to the left of the account
  4. Select the New Credit Button
  5. Place a description that reflects the reason for the credit
  6. Select the same chart of accounts that you originally invoiced for
  7. Enter in the amount to credit

  8. Click Save Credit

The account should now show zero charged/zero owed and be balanced.

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