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Note: These instructions are for an old version. Please read Generate meet fees from meet results for the current way of doing this.

First Steps (if you miss any you will not be able to bill):

  1. Athletes entered into the meet using the SwimOffice online meet entry system.
  2. Meet results uploaded into your SwimOffice site.
  3. Results connected to its meet (see screenshot).
Past Events

Second Steps - Billing your meet

  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments.
  2. Click Import Meet Entry Fees.
  3. Follow the screenshot selections as below, then click Import Now! when you have completed all the steps.
  4. You will see an overview of what will be billed. Make sure all amounts are accurate and click Ignore Errors and Create Invoices NOW! This action actually creates the invoices.
Import Meet Entries to new Invoice Items

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