Most printouts in TouchPad are previewed on-screen before they are actually printed. This gives you a chance to preview exactly how they will appear on the printed page.

  1. Quick Print — Print the number of Copies to the selected Printer with default settings.
  2. Printer/Copies — Choose a different printer and change the number of copies if desired. You initially select which printer(s) to use on the Setup Meet screen.
  3. Disk/page icon — Export the report to PDF or other formats.
  4. Print or printer icon — Select printing options before printing.
  5. The arrows at the bottom function the same as the four Show buttons at the top to navigate multiple pages, and you may also type a page number to directly jump to one.
  6. Circular arrows icon — Refresh the report (useful when networked with other users who are continually updating data).
  7. Percentage dropdown — Enlarge or shrink the view.

If you are printing the results of each event and printing award labels, it is easiest to run your meet with two printers directly connected to your computer. If you don't have two printers, award labels may be saved in memory until full sheets area ready for printing. This way one just inserts the labels into the printer when printing them and removes them when finished.

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