When you create sd3 SDIF files for Meet Manager (MM), it does include the preferred name in the file for MM to use. This is true for the following:

  • Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > Members tab > SDIF button -- to generate an SDIF roster file for MM
  • Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > USA registration -- to generate the USA registration SDIF file for the LSC
  • Events > Edit Commitment > Committed Athletes > Generate Entry Files -- to generate an sd3 meet entries file for MM

Technically it creates D3 records with the swimmer's preferred name per the USA Swimming SDIF file spec. Check with the LSC and Hy-Tek to see if they use the preferred name for anything or not.

As for the rest of TeamUnify SwimOffice, the preferred name is just an FYI field and doesn't really affect anything else. It does not affect the USA ID; that is constructed from the first, middle and last name and birth date.

If you have a swimmer who has a preferred name they want to use you will have to change their first name in their account in order for it to show up in the meet entries and results. It only uses the first name, not the preferred name. Changing the name does not automatically change the ID and it's fine to leave it the way it is.

However, if you want their ID to reflect their preferred name and it currently doesn't then you will have to contact USA Swimming in order to get a new ID number for the athlete and inform them of the circumstances surrounding the need to change. Once you obtain it you can enter that into the account so it associates to their name. Then you will have to merge both of the the IDs together in order to still have all of their results attached to her account.

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