If your membership database is stored in some format other than Hy-Tek's Team Manager™, you may transfer your data to our membership database spreadsheet.

  1. Download our membership database spreadsheet below for your area.
  2. Open the spreadsheet and transfer your membership database into it.
    1. Please DO NOT CHANGE THE HEADERS (column names), and do not add extra columns. Please contact support@teamunify.com if you have questions about any columns or data you want to include.
    2. Data for all columns with a red header is REQUIRED. We cannot accept the spreadsheet if ANY of those fields are blank, except for Member Middle Initial if you are NOT an official USA Swimming team (although it's highly recommended), and ID Card since we won't be importing results for you (because they can only be imported from Team Manager). However, you will need to build IDs for all athletes once they are in SwimOffice for connecting with future results. We cover how to do this in an upcoming article.
      Data for red columns is required
    3. Hover over select column headers to see a note with more details about the field (at least when using Excel).
    4. Columns A-Q all relate to the Member or child. Columns from R on relate to the Account or parent(s).
  3. Save the spreadsheet once you've entered all membership data.
  4. Email the spreadsheet to support@teamunify.com and request for it to be imported into your TU site.