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Sometimes a meet host will combine events of the same length when there aren't many swimmers in the separate events. OnDeck lets you combine them as well for timing purposes. You can uncombine them when finished or you made a mistake.

Combine Events

  1. Tap Menu > Events > Events & Meet Entries, then tap RUN MEET by your desired meet.
  2. Select at least two events to combine. The distance in each MUST match; everything else such as gender and stroke can be different. Once you select one, events that cannot be combined will be disabled.
    Run Meet
  3. Tap COMBINE at the bottom and confirm you want to combine them.
    • You will get an error if you try combining events where one or more swimmers are in the same events. For example, you cannot combine events 9 and 11 if Chris is swimming in both.
  4. You will now see a red C by the combined events.
    Combined events
  5. You may tap any of the combined events to time them.
  6. Tap the red Combined with message at the top to see what other events are combined with this one.
    See other combined events

Uncombine Events

  1. Select at least two events that are combined.
    Uncombine events
  2. Tap UNCOMBINE at the bottom and confirm you want to uncombine them.
  3. The events will once again be separate and the red C by each will be removed.

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