OnDeck displays a three-bar graph to show how close each athlete is to reaching event entry limits. Below each bar is a number indicating the maximum number of events an athlete can enter. The first is the max number of individual events, the second for relays, and the third for the total number of combined events. The "fuller" each bar is, the closer the athlete is to reaching the limit.

Swimmer Entry

You will see a graph above all the events showing combined totals, and graphs at the top of each day/session to show the limits for that section. In the above example, the top graph shows the athlete may enter a total of eight IEs, two relays, and ten total. For Saturday he may enter four IEs, one relay, and five total.

Tap a graph to enlarge it.

Enlarged entry limits bar graph

If there are no entry limits, the bars will all be empty and have zeros below them.

Note: We currently do not pull relay events into OnDeck, so the relay bar will always be empty. A future release (date unknown) will rectify this.

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