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When you refund a credit card payment in SwimOffice, it will reduce the total CC payments by the refund amount in the IIF file, rather than appear as a separate payment type. When you use the "New Refund Credit Balance" function in SwimOffice, that goes into the IIF file as a payment type of "Other." Both get imported as a total amount into Undeposited funds.

If you also create a credit memo in TeamUnify to a specific chart of accounts this will also not create a separate line item it will reduce the total amount that is applied against that CoA in QuickBooks. Remember that SwimOffice is accrual and therefore the IIF only contains total amounts applied against either a CoA or a payment type such as Cash or Credit Card.

If you import an IIF file into QB and receive the error “Can’t record a negative payment,” it's because you made refunds using the "New Refund Credit Balance" function and there were no payments made that month of payment type "Other" or they didn't equal or exceed the refunds. Please contact TU Support for assistance with this.

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