Admin Level - Not an Admin and above

You and your swimmers can see how they stack up against selectable time standards. OnDeck will automatically default to the standards for your region, and you can add additional time standards in SwimOffice.

  1. Navigate to > Membership > Time Standards, then start by tapping Select Standards at the bottom.
  2. The standards default to regional standards for the current year. To change this, tap My Region, choose one or more regions, DONE. You may also tap the Year to choose a different year.
    Select Time Standards
  3. Select one or more standards, DONE.
  4. Select a distance, stroke and course.
    Time Standards
  5. Select MALE or FEMALE.
  6. Tap a standard under an age group to see who did and didn't make the cut on the right.
  7. Use the arrows at the top to cycle through the different cuts.
    Time Standard Detail
  8. To include swim up athletes when checking a standard, tap SWIM UP at the bottom, then enter the number of years younger to include, APPLY.

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