What kind of data plan should I get for my mobile device using OnDeck?

OnDeck usage can vary dramatically from user to user. Some use OnDeck several times a day, others once a week. Team size, number of meets, attendance and job signups will all affect sync time and data usage. Further complicating the matter is OnDeck data usage is mixed in with all other data usage--web surfing, email, watching videos, etc. Keep in mind too that most devices can use wifi which cuts down on data usage through the cell carrier.

You probably don't want to get the lowest data plan available since most people will burn through it quickly. Most OnDeck syncing does not use a lot of bandwidth; you likely would use more watching several videos. You may want to find tools that allow you to monitor and track your data usage by app to get exact numbers.

SwimOffice Pro users will likely use much more bandwidth by including photos or videos in TeamFeed in OnDeck, and especially if you upload videos you record in Coaching Tools. We recommend only uploading videos when connected to wifi, as that can very quickly burn through your data allotment for the month.

Your best bet is to talk to the cell carrier about your web habits so they can recommend an appropriate plan.

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