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OnDeck gives you three ways to communicate with those in your swim team or club—email, SMS (texting) and push notifications (messages that appear in a mobile device). You can do this in these modules:

  • Membership
    • Accounts, Members and USA Swimming Registration
    • Billing
    • Birthday Tracker
  • Attendance
  • Job Manager
  • News (through external email program or other apps)
  • Upcoming Events

When emailing or texting Accounts, you can only do so to those with verified email addresses and SMS numbers. See the below link to learn why. When messaging Members, OnDeck attempts to send the message to both the Member and their parent Account. Their parent Account must have a valid communication method in order for the message to go through.

You can message people in almost any place where you can select an Account or Member, or there is a MESSAGE icon in the green bar at the bottom. We'll show how in the Accounts section.

  1. Tap Menu > Membership > Accounts/Members.
  2. Select one or more Accounts to message.
  3. Tap MESSAGE in the green bar at the bottom.
    Message Type
  4. Select any of the communication methods:
    • Email (address must be verified). In the above example, all three Accounts have verified emails.
    • SMS (number must be verified; message will be limited to 160 characters when using this method). In the above example, two of the three Accounts have verified SMS numbers.
    • Push Notification (user must have logged in to OnDeck and allowed push notifications). In the above example, all three Accounts are OnDeck users.
      OnDeck wants to send notifications
  6. Type in Your message to send. Or tap Use Canned Message and pick one.
    Create Message
  7. Tap SEND.
  8. If you selected a mixture of those with and without verified or valid addresses/numbers, it will only send the message to those with verified addresses/numbers. Note in the above example you can see Mark Anderson does not have a verified SMS number and thus will not receive a message via that method, but will receive an email and push notification.

For users receiving push notifications, they will see the notice (or multiple notices if they haven't dismissed them) pop up on their device, both in and out of the app, if they are logged in to OnDeck.

OnDeck notifications OnDeck push notification

If you message a Member, it will also notify the Account to which they belong. This is so parents are aware of any communication sent to minors.

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