Yes, it works on an iPad and beautifully so! We have engineered and optimized OnDeck for smartphones (both iOS and Android) and iPads (Android tablets are not currently supported). You should see a very similar user interface on both device types, but given a tablet’s larger screen size we were able to utilize the space to add some additional features.

  • On many screens we're able to keep the list of items visible. For example, on Accounts/Members or Manage Meet Entries you will continually see the list of names displayed after tapping a name. This makes navigation much faster. Sometimes a large left-facing arrow allows you to hide/unhide the list.

    Manage Meet Entries on tablet

  • Some data can be displayed without needing to swipe/scroll, such as the Bonus and Exhibition buttons in Swimmer Entries.
  • If you rotate the device to landscape, it will increase the number of timers on the Stopwatch and Time Race screens, or the number of columns visible on USA Swimming Registration.

    Time up to five swimmers in landscape mode on tablet

OnDeck is fully usable on a smartphone, but after seeing how beautiful it looks on a tablet, you may be tempted to go buy one!

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